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Q: What if I've never modeled before? I'm not sure how to pose!

A: No experience necessary! Most of our clients have never had a photoshoot before! We will guide you through posing from head-to-toe, adjust lighting, and if your session is in-studio, we will have a few sets to work with. Warning: Some poses may feel awkward or exaggerated but that's what makes a great image in the end ;)


Q: I'm worried about some flaws, do you offer retouching?

A: Retouching is included with every session. I remove acne, blemishes, scratches - anything that is not permanent. I smooth skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles to an extent. But as a general rule I do not adjust weight, or remove scars unless requested and even then it's minimal - I want my clients to feel beautiful as they are. I adjust lighting and work with all my girls to create flattering poses. We ALL have some things we don't like about our bodies, just let me know if there are any areas you are particularly concerned about and we will work it out, girl!


Side Note: We love and want to work with every body type! It does not matter if you are older, too heavy, too thin, have stretchmarks or cellulite, big booty, no booty, tall, short, black, white - it does not matter. Boudoir is for EVERY body and we think you are gorgeous! There is no "too much of this," or "not enough of that." Don't fall for the stereotypes, ladies. You deserve to feel beautiful and sexy and alive!


Q: I'm not comfortable sharing my images online or in social media, is that required to book?

A: All clients sign a model release form and have the freedom to choose what is or isn't shared. You can choose to share it all, share approved or anonymous photos only or none at all - it's totally up to you!


Q: Will there be a lot of people present at my session?

A: Typically, you'll be there with me and an assistant who helps with hair flyaways, lighting, props, etc. We sip wine, chat, and laugh at how silly we feel or if I'm going to lose my balance on the step-stool... It's honestly a blast! You come in being pampered and we genuinely have a good time. However, if you feel you would rather shoot one-on-one, that is absolutely fine!

Q: I see Hair & Makeup is included with the Session fee - can I do my own & save money?

A: You may be one of those ladies who is skilled in this area (I am not) but H&MU is automatically included because we want you to feel truly pampered. We have made it our mission to provide our client's with the best, well-rounded service we possibly can so please take advantage of this luxury! Don't be bogged down worrying about your look; let our Artist do the work for you while we enjoy our wine and get to know each other a little more. This makes for a more relaxing, fun session we feel you deserve. Your HMUA will absolutely go for the look and style you desire.

Q: I've never had a Boudoir shoot! What do I wear? Will I be completely naked? I'm freaking out!

A: Clients are encouraged to bring choices! You may absolutely bring a suitcase full of pieces and we will help pick out your outfits if you'd like. We've even been asked to raid a few closets ;) We typically go with 3 wardrobe changes and have a selection of sheets to choose from as well. Your level of nudity is completely up to you! Once you book your session you will receive our Boudoir Session Prep Guide that will help you with ideas for different looks. We are also in the process of building a client closet and everyone is welcome to borrow pieces during the shoot. This includes some jewelry, heels, and various props as well.

Q: How long will my Session last?

A: Hair & Makeup takes approx. 30mins-1hour and the Session itself typically takes between 1-2 hours. We don't rush, we take our time and have fun!

Q: Can I bring someone to my Session?

A: You may bring a friend or loved one in when you arrive to say hi, get a glimpse of the studio or if they're wanting to make sure you're in safe hands, but once H&MU begins we ask that no one else be present. Our dressing room is part of your lavish Boudoir Experience and is exclusive to clients only and even a bestfriend may prove distracting during shooting. This is a tailored experience where you are the focus. You're the one there to be pampered, after all.

Side Note: Don't forget we offer Boudoir Parties for when you need a girls night out or if you're planning a special occasion!

Q: What should I expect after my Session?

A: Once we've finished shooting, you'll receive your Boudoir Investment & a La Carte Menus. We will also setup your Ordering appointment. At this time you'll view your images and select your favorites. We'll go over our Collections and all of your choices, from image selection to luxury album covers.

Q: Why do I need an Investment Menu? Why are there no products included in the Session fee?

A: To be completely honest, I have this nonstop, burning desire to make this business my career for the rest of my working life and I've realized I cannot do that when I pull products directly from my Session fee. It's not a scheme to make more money, or to cheat my clients, but rather to afford me the possibility of continuously offering a one-of-a-kind, high end Experience that you've all come to know and love and share. I pack as much as I can into the Session Retainer and pay the HMUA for her time & talent as well as the wine & treats provided, not to mention the chunk of taxes that come out (as those are included in the total also).

Our Collections are truly exquisite, beautifully crafted and custom designed. Starting as low as $479 and ranging in price based upon products included. You can choose what type of budget you have in mind and will be provided with cover samples and various options to customize your Collection.

Payment Plans/Methods

We accept cash, debit & credit cards, PayPal

You will be given the option to pay in full, setup a payment plan or you may choose a pre-payment plan when you book your Session. This is a great option! We're implementing a new pre-payment plan to get your session & collection taken care of before you even come in for your Session that will leave you completely stress-free and even earn you some fun bonuses! You'll receive this info during your consultation.

No images or products are released until paid in full.

Q: I'm traveling from out of town; where should I stay?

A: We often have clients traveling anywhere from half an hour to 3 hours (sometimes more), if you're in from out of town for a Boudoir Party or planning to stay overnight I can definitely recommend the best hotels in the area. This is also an option if you'd prefer to shoot in your hotel vs. our studio! For those in the nearby areas, you also have the option of shooting in-home if you desire.

Q: What if I need to reschedule? Do you offer refunds?

A: Hey... life happens, and we completely understand. Session Retainer is non-refundable but may be transferable if guidelines are met. We'd very much appreciate notice of change at least 14 days prior to your Session date. We send Session reminders but if you forget about your appointment or reschedule more than once your fee becomes non-transferable. When you sign your contract I am blocking that day in my calendar and our HMUA blocks that appointment time as well. I would also be turning away other clients interested in booking that date. Unfortunately, due to past experiences, we've had to put this policy in place. I can make exceptions in the instance that it is a work, family or health-related change and we can reschedule you within 60 days of your original appointment.


I know certain things may be out of your hands! Just stay in touch with me and we'll get it worked out.

Due to the custom nature of your Session & products, any payments made on behalf of your Order may not be refunded. We strongly advise you to stick to your payment plan. If you've had something come up and you need to delay a payment just contact us and we will arrange that for you. Don't let your Collection slip away! These are luxury keepsakes from your treasured Experience.

If these FAQ's have not addressed an area of concern for you, please feel free to get in touch!

We are very open and responsive!