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Harleigh Cadence | Getting Sexy Outside

Outdoor Boudoir... Say Whaaat..?

It is such a thrilling emotion to have this type of Experience in the great outdoors

A lot can be said for a luxury Boudoir Experience by Harleigh Cadence Boudoir & Portrait Studio, but have you given any thought to taking your photoshoot outside?

We love the variety shooting on location has to offer! Whether utilizing a client's own backyard, pool, field or scouting other countryside or urban spots that fit your desired look, the possibilities on this one are endless!

Privacy is a top concern, for our business, as well as for our clients and we take that into account for each and every Experience by choosing locations free of the general public. We also provide a changing tent and keep an eye out for any possible passersby.

Not gonna lie... The fun part of this Experience is that feeling of the "thrill of getting caught." Even if you're at home, most women do not freely walk around naked (although you totally should! But that's another topic for another day) and so there's always that hint of, "what if..."

This gives you the opportunity to put fear aside and shine bright. Let the environment feed your sensuality and our creativity.

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