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Harleigh Cadence | NEW Patreon Honeys Content on the Way!

Are you totally confused? Patreon? Honeys? Huh?

Harleigh Cadence Boudoir & Portrait Studio collaborates with bad ass babes who love to help empower other women

These babes are lovingly referred to as Honeys. They form our team of brand ambassadors and share their insight into what it's like working with us & help us to create "passion project" content we love!

Patreon is an amazing platform for artists where fans can show support via monthly memberships. Fans can now join a tier that suits their liking; from a low $5 "virtual tip," to an amazing All-Access Pass to a curated Honeys Collection too sexy for social media.

Project to be launched early 2021. We are working out the details for the different tiers and booking sessions to create special content for patrons-only now. Lower tiers are super supportive and are greatly appreciated, but the higher tiers is where it's at content-wise. These tiers are basically brand goals we strive to achieve through memberships. The more our audience grows, the more we grow! The more support you show, the more amazing content we can produce!

Keep an eye out for updates! We will be launching our Patreon page very soon. At that point you will be able to look over the membership tiers and choose which level of support is best for you and what type of content you would like to see.

A few things to look forward to; most notably, the female form, in beautiful luxury sessions, uncensored with exclusive behind-the-scenes content accompanying. Live hangouts/lingerie ordering with the Harleigh Cadence Honeys and exclusive access to coordinating sessions. Hair & Makeup Spotlights, Honeys Selfies, Dressing Room Access, Merch, and more.

A little something for everyone ;)

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Would you like to schedule a quick phone consult (5-10mins) to discuss a session?

Email me personally @ to arrange a time.

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